One Stick Ministries

Unity of God's people before the return of Jesus Christ
If Christians want to be in sync with  the Lord's return - we must unite in faith and in doctrine. 

Read John 17 - the prayer of Apostolic unity.  It was spoken by Jesus Christ during his last supper with his Apostles.  After reading John 17 - can you honestly ignore his last wish for his followers?

He prayed that we would be One even as He and His Father are One.  There is no division between Jesus and His Father and there can be no division within the Body of Christ.

We must unite in our faith and our doctrine to meet the expecation and last wish that Jesus prayed to his Father for - that we would be One.

Fulfilling Jesus' last wish for all of his believers is in alignment with his return.  When God our Father sees the Church of Jesus Christ unite - He will give His Son the command to return and put an end to this World and bring in the New Heaven and the New Earth.

We must unite under the faith that was once delivered to the Saints now, now is the day, now is the season for this great revival to occur throughout the Earth among all those who call on the name of Jesus!
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